Cover Reveal for Forever Maybe by C.L. King

Cover Reveal 

Forever Maybe

 by CL King



Nate and Olivia promised each other forever, but what happens when forever doesn’t come?


is accepted into her dream college. She always had aspirations of

making it big and she always thought Nate would be right there beside

her. When her shot came she took it. Little did she know that in order

to follow her dreams, she was going to have to give up her heart.


up, Nate never imagined he could have a perfect life, but that’s what

he was living. He was on track to being one of the top agents and his

future was planned with Olivia. That is, until she decides to be

selfish. Suddenly he’s lost everything he ever truly cared about.


moves on and Nate does the only thing he can to survive; he throws

himself into his work. He’s existing just fine, never seeing Olivia,

until her life is in danger.

What will happen when Olivia sees

her ex is the only one who can protect her? Will she push him away or

will she see that he is still the man she loves? Is he her past or is he

her forever…maybe?

Author Bio: CL King


When CL King isn’t hard at work writing you can usually catch her reading, baking cookies, dancing to music, or just simply being crazy. She has a huge passion for baseball and the theatre. But her true nerd side comes out when she is doing math for fun. She has an old soul which is evident with her love of the 70s show Emergency. If you want to get on her good side bring her an Ocean Water from Sonic. Even though she tries to focus on one project at a time she always seems to be working on multiple projects at once, it’s a good thing that she is highly organized. Just don’t take her to a bookstore, you do that and you are likely able to spend hours browsing.

Connect with CL King:   

Follow her on twitter @CL_King12


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