Beautifully Together Vol 2

B Together ebook cover

Can two tainted souls find a way to let their love flourish? Or will other forces stop them from having what they truly want?

What would you do when your past collides with your present? Matt and Emily’s future depends on the connections with their pasts. Questions need to be answered. Conflicts need to be resolved. They face tough decisions ahead and the relationship they long to have will depend on if they can handle each other’s pasts coming to light.

A blast from the past wants what was thought to be gone forever.

Secrets will be revealed.

Lives will be lost.

Can they overcome everything that’s thrown their way? Will they finally be able to live beautifully together? Or will events beyond their control leave them forever broken?

Suitable for those 18 and older due to language, sexual content, and violence.

Beautifully Together is book two of The Beautifully Series by A.m. Guilliams. PLEASE read Beautifully Tainted before reading Beautifully Together. Beautifully Together is not a cliffhanger.

Available now on all sales channels!


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