Bring Me Back Here


Four years ago, I left my heart behind in Colorado, the place I thought I’d always call my home.
My arms ached to hug my parents and siblings.
My mind bled with the possibilities that I’d left behind.
My heart hurt with the reason I had to leave in the first place.

Who knew coming back home would be so hard?

I did.

Which is why I hadn’t returned until my mother insisted on throwing me a graduation party.
The memories were too much to bear.
The heartache still weighed heavy on my heart.
One man caused my life to tilt on its axis and never to regain its footing.
Now that I was home, I had one more tough choice to make.
If only he would allow me that opportunity.
If only he knew how to leave well enough alone.
If only he didn’t insist on finding a way to bring me back here. If only…